8x10 Scannable Song Code Acrylic Plaque with Wooden Base Stand Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine Day Gift

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8x10 acrylic plaque on a wooden base. Choose from 3 different colors for the base, dark walnut, black cherry and pecan.

Photo can be of you and your significant other, a special person to you or an album cover of your favorite singer/song. Either way, the code below the photo can be scanned and it will play in the Spotify app.

Enter the name of the song and the artist in the box and I will do the rest!

To use the scan code feature:

1. Open the Spotify app
2. Click the search icon
3. Click the camera symbol on the right of the search bar
4. Center the camera over the scan code and the song will start to play!

I test every code a few times to ensure it works!

After purchase, please send me an email at cbcreativeimages@gmail.com with your photo file. If you plan on using an album cover, please let me know what album and I can research it. I always confirm this info with you (album cover and song) before I proceed with the project. I also research the code, no need for you to provide this for me, it's all part of the service!   

Otherwise, please enter the name of the song and artist in the notes section on the order page.